you wanna know “what”?

so, I had a ton of ideas to write out new blog posts……..

I should keep track of them, write them down, record them on my phone, email them to myself….something…… yeah, that didn’t happen. I wanted to write something about manners, expectations, death, frustrations, and/or people….. but, I am having problems putting thoughts into words. It just isn’t working for me.

**START OF RANT** I was reading forum threads the other day and all I kept thinking was “I learned how to do *this* without the aid of knit groups, yarn shops, and/or the internet” and “how lazy is this person, expecting everyone else to do the research for them“. I am a strong believer in learning how to do something….not just telling/asking someone else to do it for me (well, except when it comes to how the computer works – I call my kid for that).

Want to find a pattern for 700 yards of lace-weight that is not a shawl/stole? Use the really awesome advanced pattern search on the site that you are posting on and find that perfect pattern. Want to figure out what you’ve got in your stash? Go to your stash and learn how to sort it by weight, then yardage. Learn how to use the tools that are given to you and stop asking everyone to do it for you. **END OF RANT**

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