Caught up on a few things

I’ve managed to get some knitting finished recently. This is the Raindrops and Umbrellas Scarf Version. The red one is Madeline Tosh Merino Light in the Tart colourway. The yellow one, sample knit by Kate, is RainCityKnits Sock in the Fried Egg colourway

Image Image


It goes along with the Rainbows and Umbrellas Stole that I made.

I also finished a few test knits and managed to write out a few patterns. The new patterns should be ready for release shortly. The test knitters have sent me their feedback and I just need to do the final formatting.

I organized most of my stash so far this year. I have some of it set aside for a few specific projects, but, mostly it’s just stash

Aside from knitting…………………

Dale Earnhardt Jr won the Daytona 500 and started the season off in a great way. He has consistently run well and we’re hoping that we’ll be able to share some chase excitement when we attend a race in the fall.

My rambling thought today…… What ever happened to common courtesy? More and more I witness absolute rudeness and disregard for others. I walk up to the local Starbucks, close to the office, and will come across 5 or 6 people walking in the opposite direction from me, all side by side, across the sidewalk, but not one of them will move out of the way. I usually stand my ground or walk into someone.

Where in the rule book does it say that a pedestrian ALWAYS has the right of way on a roadway? When I was growing up, I was taught to stop when the sidewalk ends and look both ways to make sure the road was clear before I stepped off the curb. If a driveway is across the sidewalk, then yes, the pedestrian has the right of way. At a marked crosswalk with a green light, the pedestrian has the right of way. But, at an uncontrolled intersection (no painted crosswalk), you can’t step off the curb, without looking, into the path of my vehicle that is 4 feet away from where you stepped off.

this was just a little blurb today. and I wanted to show off my new scarf.


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2 Responses to Caught up on a few things

  1. carolynmcb says:

    Nice scarves!
    Yes, common courtesy has become uncommon these days. It drives me batty too when people walk 3&4 abreast. I don’t move either. Make them move around me. At my age, I’ve moved for enough people.
    Screw ’em!
    Glad I found your blog, keep it up!


  2. mltai says:

    love the colors


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