Just a vent about life during time served…..

This has nothing to do with knitting, NASCAR, or food.

This is all about people and how they interact with each other.

I would think that when I do something at your request, you would be happy. I did it well and without having to come to you to ask a ga-zillion questions about how, why, where. I just did what you asked.

Then you had the audacity to say to someone else (who you probably didn’t know would tell me about it) that you fully expected me to do the opposite of what you requested, simply because it was a different time. To add to that, you managed to get a few other people “on your side”, even though it was the group of you that didn’t want to do what I had originally requested anyway. You din’t want to do it when I asked, so I found someone else to do it. Now you’re complaining that I didn’t ask you again? What is up with that?

I don’t expect you to agree with me all the time; nor do I expect you to do everything I ask for…. but I do expect you to remember the decisions you made/make and not to get your knickers in a knot when I turn to someone else to do YOUR job. It’s much nicer working with people who want to do it, rather than you – who is being forced to do it because it’s in your job description.

You can’t keep changing your mind about whether or not you’re going to do this. It’s in your job description. It is part of your expectations document. It should be an automatic part of your day-to-day existence in the workplace. But, I will reiterate here – I don’t expect much from you – simply because there isn’t much to expect.

End of rant

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