New pattern – new level of excitement

I finally published my new pattern on Ravelry

Made with Indigo Moon Yarn’s hand-dyed BFL, this lace-edged shawlette is the perfect accessory when you need something over bare shoulders in an air-conditioned office or on a cool summer night. Then, when winter sets in, it will fit into any wardrobe as a scarf.

The wide span ensures it drapes over your shoulders and stays where you want it or allows you to wrap it loosely, but warmly, around your neck.

The side-to-side stockinette construction incorporates the lace edging as you knit and allows for customization when you want to make the most of a single skein of yarn. 
With the I-Cord beginning and end, and the intentional 3-stitch roll along the neck edge, this shawlette is all softness.

Purchase any weight of Indigo Moon Yarns and receive this pattern for free

The hardest part was finding an appropriate name for the design. A lot came to mind but unless I told the whole story that went along with the name, it just didn’t work.



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2 Responses to New pattern – new level of excitement

  1. The leaves are lovely. What name did you settle on?


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