7-11 Post office – you suck

I need to have a Mail vent. Not Male …. MAIL

Apparently, Canada Post tried to deliver a parcel on Dec 14. There was a delivery notice card on the mailbox.

The niece is patiently waiting for her wedding rings to arrive for her upcoming nuptials. She takes the card over to 7-11 where the package is supposed to be. Was told that it’s not there, come back tomorrow. So when tomorrow comes, she goes back – it’s not here but we’ll look into it for you. Nice guy behind the counter takes a photocopy of the delivery notice and her phone number…. skip ahead a couple days

I went to 7-11 to ask about 1) why no one had called and 2) what we can do about it now. The older guy behind the counter says nothing they can do. Can’t help search for it. I asked why the other guy had taken all the information and told the niece that he’d look into it and call her. He says – not my problem, what he says; can’t do anything for you; you call Canada Post on Monday. I ripped a strip off him, telling him that there should be better training on his side of the counter because if we had know this on Monday or Tuesday, we wouldn’t have lost all this time.

Well, I called Canada Post today. I talked to a lovely woman named Amy. As soon as she heard that the missing package was wedding rings for a wedding taking place in 9 days, she advised me to contact the vendor to initiate a High Priority Investigation Trace. And she gave me the USPS tracking number.

I have asked an acquaintance, who happens to work for USPS, if there is anything he can initiate from his side of the border.

Hopefully, the niece will be able to contact the vendor today and get the trace initiated.

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