Yes, that is called Snow

It was a pretty sight this morning, although still really dark, when I looked out into the street. There was undisturbed snow on the ground, snow still falling lightly – shining against the street light….

Yeah, then we left and started our commute into town.

1) Drivers who do not clean off the top of their car should get a ticket

2) Drivers who do not clear off the hood and trunk should also get a ticket

3) Drivers who do not clear off their windshield, except for that little tiny space, just above the dashboard, or any windows should have their car impounded until winter is over.

We managed to arrive at our destination in the same time it normally took to get into work. Amazing how there was still very little traffic… Being out in the dark might have had something to do with it …. but I can’t believe how stupid some people are

1) when you are walking and the red hand is flashing at the crosswalk – please STOP and wait for the next light. You are not going to make it across 6 lanes in the 4 seconds left.

2) Black umbrella, black coat, black pants, black boots, black purse…. do you really think you should step out into traffic in the dark, while there is slushy rain falling from the sky? And, did you notice that your light was red and the hand was solid?

3) yes, I know that the traffic light was amber and I really shouldn’t have thought I should complete my left turn and clear the intersection. It’s okay…. you had every right to have darted out right then into the path of my vehicle because apparently in your brain the pedestrian always has the right of way – – – but did you know that the vehicle will always win?

The commute home was fine too. It took a little longer to walk up to the train station, but all in all it was good…. until those train doors closed….

1) No one should wear so much perfume that I can taste it

2) No amount of perfume or cologne will hide that beer you had after work… and did you really have to come sit beside me?

3) I know you see that lady with the small child standing in front of you. Quit pretending you’re asleep in the courtesy seat.

4) yes, I am guilty of purposely sitting in the middle of the rows of seats because it’s very rare that I have to get up for someone… but I have.

So, as I close off on the first snow day, I can only hope that it’s all gone tomorrow and doesn’t come back for a long time. Either that, or by some miracle, the citizens of the lower mainland actually learn how to walk and/or drive in the snow.

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